Treat yourself in VR
from home

The C2Care team accompanies you towards “wellness” thanks to a therapeutic follow-up at home in virtual reality, in connection with a health professional.




From now on, our therapeutic solutions and all our know-how come to your living room. You can expose yourself in virtual reality from your home. Act against your phobias and addictions thanks to the follow-up of a remote psychologist who will accompany you throughout your cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).


Leaving home does not always sound like “good news” to social phobics. Leaving home means returning to everyday activities that can be a source of anxiety. Shopping at the supermarket, taking the metro, getting into a crowded lift, facing a crowd, speaking in public… are just some of the virtual reality environments that are available to help you.

Helping you and all social phobics who wish to do so is the aim of this new programme. Thanks to virtual reality therapies, we have helped many phobics and continue to do so on a daily basis.

sociale vr gp


It is impossible for your child or teenager to go to school. Every day, you have to put up with crying, sadness, irritability and psychosomatic symptoms (stomach aches, nausea …). It is a frequent reason for medical consultation and a first emergency problem. Other severe phobias can be added to it.

Finding your way back to school is possible through our virtual reality environments. Going to school and meeting school requirements will no longer be a source of conflict between you and your child; he or she will be able to get back to sleep, will be less absent from class, and will be less likely to drop out. 

sociale vr gp


You spend a lot of time checking, (washing) yourself, ruminating on your disturbing thoughts. The anxiety is so strong that the urge to perform your actions repeatedly reassures you of the possible danger that could happen if you don’t. But beyond the fact that you waste a lot of time and energy on this, there can be serious consequences on your life: depression, family or relationship difficulties, generalized anxiety… 

By placing you in anxiety-provoking environments, virtual reality allows you to deal with your anxiety. Your life will seem easier and more serene.

sociale vr gp


When you sit behind the wheel, or as a passenger, or when you think about the next car ride, you feel anxiety and a sense of unreality or depersonalization set in. You imagine terrible accidents that could happen to you, and this makes you even more anxious. 

The virtual reality will allow you to apprehend different axes (highways, tunnels, mountain roads etc.) as a driver or a passenger. You will be able to tame your feelings and confront the road again.

sociale vr gp


Flying is not always about relaxation or fresh air. Worse still, you may feel anxious at the very thought of flying. Many people suffer from aviophobia, but CBT is very effective in getting rid of it for good.

If this fear prevents you from travelling, from seeing your loved ones, from developing professionally and you would like to finally get over it, embark with us on a virtual reality destination: wellness.

avion vr gp


Acrophobia can become a real handicap and prevent you from living your life fully. This phobia should not take up too much space in your life. It should not prevent you from carrying out daily activities or entertaining activities. You don’t have to live with these fears all your life. Virtual reality therapy prepares you to approach these difficult situations with a fresh, rational look.

If you want to say goodbye to this irrational fear once and for all, come and learn more about our programme specially designed for you.

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If you are terrified of being locked in a small, confined space, you are probably claustrophobic. Claustrophobia limits your freedom of action and prevents you from living your life the way you want to. With this wellness programme, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality to end your fear of confined spaces.

By exposing yourself to virtual reality from home in a gradual manner, you can desensitize yourself with customizable environments. Say “hello” to the new days.

clos vr gp


Do you lose control at the sight of an insect or a spider? Do you prevent yourself from entering certain rooms, going on trips to tropical destinations, walking in the forest or doing activities in the countryside? This period, if you wish, can become nothing but a bad memory. You can take back control of your fear!

CBT will allow you to replace your automatic, negative and disaster thoughts with more rational ones. Virtual reality offers you the possibility to completely change the way you see those bugs and spiders that paralyze you on a daily basis.

insectes vr gp


Do you really think you have tried everything to stop smoking? Today, we are offering you a new solution that may finally be THE solution you have been waiting for.

By gradually and progressively exposing yourself to virtual reality, you will be able to significantly reduce your desire to smoke until it disappears for good.

If you would like to be one of the 72% of smokers who have stopped smoking thanks to virtual reality, come and find out more.

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In your box :

  • Two sessions per month with a certified psychologist
  • A virtual reality headset
  • Unlimited access to applications 
  • A personal logbook
  • A set of motivational cards
  • And many other surprises!
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