Help your child in virtual reality

Get rid of your child’s school phobia

28% of young people are affected by school phobia during their school years.

For more than 30 years, virtual reality exposure therapies have demonstrated their effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Gradual and progressive exposure to virtual reality can desensitize and significantly reduce anxiety. 

Virtual reality is 80% effective, with benefits that are maintained more than a year after treatment.” Eric Malbos, Psychiatrist

C2Care, the global leader in therapeutic virtual reality (VR) since 2015, now allows exposure from home. A psychologist accompanies your child in his treatment using cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) and exposure to virtual reality to overcome his phobia.

How does it work?


  • A virtual reality headset with C2Care applications
  • A personal logbook 
  • A set of motivation cards
  • And many other surprises !

2. Your child heals remotely

  • Choose a psychologist
  • Your child completes the two RV sessions per month with the psychologist from your home
  • Help him to relax with your VR headset inautonomy and in an unlimited way
  • Note its progress in his logbook

3. HE overcomes HIS phobia

  • Your child rediscovers his daily school life
  • He is able tomanage his anxiety

Mathilde G. 40 years old

“When my daughter started school, her behavior suddenly deteriorated. Although she was a good student before that, she forgot her notebooks, used pain as an excuse to miss class, and didn’t do her homework anymore… At first I thought it was a teenage crisis, but I realized that it was deeper than that. My daughter was not feeling well and was experiencing her life at school. In order not to stress her further, I decided to try the virtual reality solution at home. Her psychological support coupled with the virtual reality exposure helped her a lot and helped her to get out of it. Today she is happy to return to school, feeling much more serene.”

Louise L. 18 years old

“A girl was harassing me at school and because of her, I was afraid to go back to school. I didn’t want to go at all. I had anxiety attacks and I hardly ate anymore. I had to quit school because it became too complicated for me, and my mom scheduled me for home schooling. For a few months I was doing a little better but my parents wanted me to have a normal life (and so did I). I started the virtual reality treatment with remote psych sessions. It was hard at the beginning but now I feel ready to face school in September even if I’m still a little anxious. The goal is to graduate from high school and I feel capable of doing that.

Nathalie P. 41 years old

“My son was teased at school for a long time because of his weight. At first he didn’t talk about it and I couldn’t see that he was suffering. He told me that everything was fine, that school was going well. But little by little, he started to show symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, stomach pains… We were at a loss, even after two months, the doctor couldn’t find the cause. While searching on the Internet, I found articles on school phobia and I made the connection. Thanks to virtual reality and the psychologist’s follow-up, my son began to open up and is slowly healing from these ailments.” 

VR headset with C2Care tools

How much does it cost?

Take advantage of our introductory offer at 120€/month instead of 150€/month including : 

  • Two sessions per month with a qualified psychologist
  • A virtual reality headset
  • Unlimited access to applications
  • A personal logbook
  • A set of motivational cards
  • And many other surprises!

To have significant results and see a lasting improvement of your phobia, a minimum commitment of 3 months is required in order to ensure the best possible follow-up.