Set yourself free in virtual reality

Get over your fear of enclosed spaces


12.5% of the world’s population suffer from claustrophobia. 

For more than 30 years, virtual reality exposure therapies have proven their effectiveness in the treatment of anxiety disorders and in particular in specific phobias such as the fear of confined spaces. Gradual and progressive exposure to virtual reality can desensitise you and significantly reduce your anxiety. 

“Virtual reality shows 80% effectiveness, with benefits that are maintained over a year after treatment.” Eric Malbos, Psychiatrist

C2Care, the world leader in therapeutic virtual reality (VR) since 2015, now allows you to expose yourself from your home. A psychologist will accompany you in your treatment using cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT) and virtual reality exposure to overcome your phobia.


How does it work? 

1. I receive my box with

  • A virtual reality headset with C2Care applications
  • A personal logbook 
  • A set of motivation cards
  • And many other surprises!

2. I take care of myself by distance

  • Choose a psychologist of your choice
  • Carry out your VR sessions with your psychologist from your home
  • Relax with your own VR headset
  • Note your progress in your logbook

3. Overcoming my phobia

  • Rediscover your daily life
  • Be able to manage your anxiety
  • Share your experience!

Cécile L. 43 years old

“I work in the business centre in Paris, on the 7th floor of a building. Being claustrophobic, it’s impossible for me to take the lift… yes, I take the stairs and that requires a particular organisation: arriving early, being in good physical condition and having a good pair of trainers. But this is no longer possible, apart from the health aspect, it handicaps me more than anything else! The programme includes virtual reality scenes that allow you to confront the lift, and my shrink is great! The combination of the two is very complementary: a theory part with my psychologist and a practical part thanks to virtual reality.”

Gwen N. 34 years old

“Ever since I had a bad experience as a child, closed, narrow and dark places are terrifying for me. Lifts, cellars, toilets in a basement box… I’m not even talking about that! I’ve been in some very awkward situations because of this. This programme is great. I can see my evolution thanks to the guidance of my therapist and I am making progress with each session! So thank you very much! “

Karine Q, 39 years old

“My daughter loves to make her own little corners in the house, it’s her little cave. Unfortunately for me, the latest one is in the old attic of the house. I can’t tell you how much I can take her there and knowing that she’s up there, even if it’s safe, is very stressful. Lately, I’ve had a breakthrough: I finally feel ready to fight my fear. I’m currently undergoing treatment and for the moment I’m happy with it because I feel positive effects. I can’t wait until the end to see how I’m doing.

VR headset with C2Care tools

How much does it cost? 

Take advantage of our introductory offer at 120€/month including : 

  • Two sessions per month with a qualified psychologist
  • A virtual reality headset
  • Unlimited access to applications
  • A personal logbook
  • A set of motivational cards
  • And many other surprises!